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Tuben Marker
Can be dyed in several colors,available with different inks.1-and more color imprint.

A marker in a capsule and tablet form is an attractive and reasonably priced promotional item,a give-away at meetings,and ideal for mailings.

Tabletten & Kapsel Marker
The original product as a marker-no additional advertising necessary!

We create out of an original Tube a Text-Marker-a unique promotional idea!

We just need the original imprintd empty tube case with the cap.


FDA Reg.-No. 8010920
Transparen,white,or dyed in different colors.Can be imprinted.Great advertising space!

Qquckpad is an ideal promotional item.It can be used daily by the physician and his staff.It's reasonably priced and the container offers great advertisement space.

The fleece pads are saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.The tight fitting lid prevents evaporation.The Quickpad dispensers are convenient to handle and ideal for cleansing the skin before an injection,a blood check,infusion,or other intravenous action.


Top part and knob can be dyed in various colors. Imprinting 1-4 colors on 4 sides. Plenty of space for special information! Offers a wide space for imprinting a company's name, logo or any sales messages
Fastcut cuts the required size of bandage strip from the roll. Fastcut protects any width roll of bandage up to 6 cm and is always on hand. No scissors or difficult un-wrapping are neccessary, reducing wastage and time in protecting wounds quickly. Fastcut has a titanium coated long life steel blade, easy to clean, to reverse, and to exchange as required.

FDA Reg.-No. K 946013
The Jetpull tourniquet releases quickly & safely - using one hand only. A long lasting service tool to the physician and his staff for daily use.

JETPULLplus is the only tourniquet with a specurity opening feature that always releases pressure on the strap before diconnecting it.

All operations function with only one key.A definite "safety plus"